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FIBA beep test audio

Here is a link to the FIBA beep test audio the Basketball Manitoba has posted

Or download it using these links (to download right click and choose "Save Target as"):

FIBA beep test introduction

FIBA beep test

SABO Membership Registration Form 2014/2015   

2011-12 Technical Points of Emphasis

SABO Constitution  

SABO Bylaws

2014 FIBA Rule Book (updated Sept 04/2014)

2014 FIBA Rule Interpretations (updated Sept 04/2014)

2014 Three Person Mechanics Presentation (updated Sept 04/2014)

CABO Presentation 2014 FIBA Rule Changes

2012 FIBA Rule Changes

2012 CABO Casebook

2012 FIBA Rule Book

2012 FIBA Rule Interpretations

2010 Two Person Mechanics Manual

2010 Three Person Mechanics Manual

2008 new Rules PowerPoint  

2010 new Rules PowerPoint

FIBA Two Person Mechanics Clarified

FIBA 3-Person Mechanics Presentation

FIBA 2-Person Pre-game Board

FIBA Court Coverage

All documents available on this site are in pdf format.  A free viewer is available by following this link.   
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